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Triton Technology offers a range of analytical and consultancy services at our well-equipped laboratory in the heart of the East Midlands. Our specialists can perform specific analysis required by clients or, based on many years experience, suggest techniques and methods that would yield the most pertinent and useful information for particular materials and applications.
What materials can we analyse?
Our laboratory has experience with a wide range of materials, including: synthetic and natural polymers, composites, adhesives, membranes, thin films and coatings, food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, fibres, powders, gels, etc.
What can you expect from our service?
Certainly, our equipment provides high quality data for materials under test, but this is supplemented by the renowned expertise of our knowledgeable staff. Our experts can often enhance the value of the analysis service by providing expert interpretation of the results.
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
  • Determination of the temperature and frequency dependence of the storage modulus (E', G'), the loss modulus (E", G") and the mechanical loss factor (tan d)
  • Determination of the dynamic glass transition
  • Secondary relaxation processes and melting point
  • Mechanical characterisation with controlled environment (humidity, immersion in liquids, gases etc)
  • Characterisation of physical and chemical ageing processes, curing & crystallisation
  • Temperature range -190°C to 600°CC
Thermal Mechanical Analysis (TMA)
  • Determination of the coefficient thermal expansion
  • Analysis of internal stresses
Dielectric THERMAL Analysis (DETA)
  • Characterisation of polymer films
  • Determination of Tg of delicate films and membranes
  • Determination of the temperature and frequency dependence
  • Measurements of capacitance and conductivity
  • Dielectric properties with controlled humidity
  • Temperature range -190°CC to 300°CC
Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  • Measurement of Glass Transitions, melting and boiling points
  • Crystallisation time and temperature and percent of crystalline
  • Heats of Fusion and Reactions
  • Specific Heat and Heat Capacity
  • Rate and Degree of Cure
  • Reaction Kinetics
Over a wide range of temperatures and with different purge gases.
Differential Thermo Gravimetric (DTG)
This instrument gives simultaneous different thermal analysis and thermo gravimetric data. It can measure:
  • Changes in weight in relation to changes in temperature
  • Degradation and decomposition temperatures
  • Absorbed moisture content / solvent residues
  • Level of inorganic and organic components
Quality Assurance
  • Assurance of polymer quality using the identiPol QA or any of the above techniques
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